This Gadget Makes Electric Vehicles Sound Like Muscle Cars

 - Apr 15, 2018
References: eveess & newatlas
A Swedish company by the name of Soundracer has developed an innovative new engine sound simulator that is more than capable of making your second-hand sedan sound like a veritable automotive monster fitted with an aggressive V10 engine.

While Soundracer has developed engine sound simulator products before, what makes the new Electric Vehicle Electronic Engine Sound System (EVEESS) unique is the fact that it has the ability to be mated to your electric vehicle, as its name suggests. One of the problems with electric vehicles is that they're often so silent that they can catch pedestrians of guard. The EVEESS engine sound simulator therefore solves two problems, as it doesn't just enhance the safety of drivers and pedestrians, but also gives motorists the thrill of producing an engine snarl that will capture pedestrians' attentions for all the right reasons.