Enertis is Utilizing Drones to Conduct Thermographic Inspections

 - May 16, 2017
References: analysis.newenergyupdate
Enertis is a technical consulting, engineering and testing company that is employing the use of drones in order to cut down on inspection times and costs.

The company's PV plant in South Africa once used infrared imaging to detect heat anomalies across the 200 hectare plant, which would normally take two or three people and at least one month to conduct effectively. Now, it uses drones with infrared sensors that are able to detect those heat anomalies, and can identify malfunctioning cells or panels which can then promptly be fixed. This new method of quality inspection, if properly conducted, takes 20-30% of the time that the original method of inspection did.

Enertis' new quality inspection process is able to cut down on both cost and time, and provides an excellent example of the vast potential for drone use in the manufacturing process.