Inngenio 4000 & 5000

 - Oct 8, 2007
Energy Sistems has launched two new Inngenio portable music players. After seeing the success of the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune, other companies realized that this market was ripe for tapping. Almost immediately after they became a covetable accessory, we began seeing a slew of other tech businesses following suit, developing their own high end portable media players.

They support all basic audio and video files and they're both sleek in style. The $220 Inngenio 4000 DUET HDP M-EX "is equipped with 2.8-inch display, 6 GB built in memory, expandable by miniSD cards, a FM tuner and an equalizer."

The $170 Inngenio 5000 HDP M-EX is almost identical, only it has a larger LCD display that is 3.5 inches across and has a 2 gigabyte built-in memory.

Expect to see more high def portable players hit the market. As for me, I'll be waiting until they become mainstream and prices drop... either that or I'll see if Santa thinks I'm deserving of one this year.