OTE Sports' Workout-Boosting Gel Provides Easy-to-Consume Energy

 - Apr 30, 2016
References: otesports & trndmonitor
OTE Sports' naturally flavoured blackcurrant energy gel is rich in Guarana, which provides a boost of electrolytes and a natural shot of caffeine. The Blackcurrant Caffeine Gel comes in a small and portable packet that makes it ideal for on-the-go consumption. The naturally flavored gel is made with real fruit juice concentrates and does not contain any artificial colors or sweeteners.

As an alternative to its new blackcurrant flavor, OTE Sports also makes a Pineapple Caffeine Gel.

A rise in health living is inspiring leading food and beverage manufacturers to add energy-boosting ingredients to everything from chewing gum and granola bars to water. As comforting as it can be to enjoy a cup of hot coffee on the go, a mess-free product like this one from OTE Sports has no chance of spilling.