The Speculative 'Energy Addicts' Accessories Tap Into Bodily Energy

 - Aug 5, 2014
References: naomikizhner & designboom
Energy Addicts is a speculative project, dreamed up by industrial designer Naomi Kizhner, that looks to respond to a possible future of depleted resources. The project consists of a series of accessories that forces people to harness alternative ways of cultivating power. The project is based on the concept of 'biological wealth', wherein energy is harvested from one's own body using invasive metal and acrylic devices.

Each Energy Addicts accessory has a form that compliments the body part to which it will be attached. For example, the 'Blinker' is a symmetrical piece that wraps tightly around the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrow bones. This allows the amount of times that the eyes are opened and closed to be tracked while also generating electricity.

Meanwhile, the 'E-Pulse Conductor' is attached to the person's back near the nape, and harvests energy from neurological pulses. Photo Credits: designboom, naomikizhner