The Endless Calendar is Hand Made and Simple to Use

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: tienda.familiaplomez & coolmaterial
All the hi-tech calendar applications that are out these days are definitely useful; but sometimes simpler handmade calendars, like the ‘Endless Calendar,’ are more what we’re after.

The Endless Calendar doesn’t do anything fancy such as sending you notifications about an upcoming doctor's appointment, or color coordinating your events into family and work schedules. What is does do though is tell you the date, in a simple and timeless manner.

Each one of these calendars is printed by hand using wood types. Because of the hand printing process, each calendar will be unique in a small way. You interchange pieces that tell you the day and month meaning that this calendar, if treated properly, could last you a lifetime. The finished product is a stylish, simple design that sits anywhere you need it.