'Empire Stores' is a Mixed-Use Development in Brooklyn

 - May 25, 2018
References: archdaily
Today, architecture in urban centers has to concern itself with the adaptation of existing buildings just as much as it does with the creation of entirely new ones, and 'Empire Stores' in Brooklyn shows what can happen when that reimagining is carried out correctly. The mixed-use development takes over a classic industrial building, turning into something that is sensible for the population of Brooklyn as it exists now.

In the 19th century, Brooklyn was something of an industrial powerhouse. Its factories and warehouses were the lifeblood that drove the development of New York City as a whole. Modern Brooklyn has little industrial production to speak of, but it's now full of the creative class that fulfills a similar function to their century-old geographical kin. Empire Stores is redesigned to reflect that shift.

Image Credit: S9 Architecture