Affectivia is Using Emotion-Tracking AI to Make Driving Safer

 - Mar 28, 2018
References: affectiva & venturebeat
Emotion-measuring technology company Affectivia is hoping to further innovate autonomous AI technology with its technologically astounding emotion-tracking AI. The new AI service will allow creators of autonomous vehicles -- and other transportation systems -- the ability to track users' emotional responses while driving and can ensure safer driving in various conditions.

The emotion-tracking AI system currently uses a host of RGB cameras and near-infrared cameras to create confidence scores based on various elements that are used to track emotion. The system can already detect emotions like joy, surprise, fear or anger from a person's face, and can even identify drowsiness, yawning and other signs of driver fatigue.

Affectivia is currently focusing its artificial intelligence system on semi-autonomous vehicles, with a particular interest in safety and facilitating the handoff between humans and machines. While the focus is currently on drivers, Affectivia will change the focus to passengers once autonomous vehicles hit the road. The use of the tracking system in vehicles could allow for comfort settings to be adjusted based solely on the emotional response of passengers and drivers.