The Smile from EmoPulse is Both a Smartphone and a Bracelet

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: indiegogo & gizmodiva
The Smile from EmoPulse does everything from functioning as a bracelet to a smartphone. The device reads the wearer's moods and reactions and tells the wearer when to rest or keep working or even when to sleep and wake up. When the user is asleep the Smile automatically switches its settings to nighttime and holds all incoming calls by sending them directly to voicemail.

Apart from reading moods, the Smile from EmoPulse functions as a simple cellphone. It can send and receive calls and text messages, record voice notes and organize calendars. In this way the Smile is the perfect assistant.

With new devices coming into mainstream culture, like Google Glass, it's clear that humans are becoming more dependent on technology than ever before. However, while many of the alternative devices to the Smile are bulky or invasive, this small and sleek gadget fits snugly on your wrist and will probably become the most useful piece of technology on the market.