This Workspace Design by Emmanouel Xylouris is Awash in Muted Light

 - Jun 3, 2011
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This workspace design by Emmanouel Xylouris uses pastel-hued light to gently illuminate the interior. Contemporary cubic furniture pieces in white, black and complementary pastel colors complete the office's modern feel.

Business owners are increasingly designing workspaces with their employees' health and wellness in mind. These light-filled rooms draw heavily on color therapy, a form of alternative medicine that uses specific shades to target desired emotions. Emmanouel Xylouris used light yellow, sky blue and pale orange -- all colors that induce a feeling of tranquility and calm.

Emmanouel Xylouris' workspace design takes today's sparsely decorated offices with open floor plans into the future. The emphasis on color therapy and visually calming aesthetics ensures that employees can relax enough to remain productive and happy.