The Emilio Ferrari Drawings Are Made with Minimal Tools

 - Mar 28, 2013
References: unknowneditors.tumblr & mymodernmet
Emilio Ferrari's paper-based images of faces are exceptionally realistic. The Spanish artist worked with pencils only to produce his facial illustrations, speaking to his talent and visionary capacities.

While Ferrari has relayed remarkable detail in his portfolio, getting at the precise features of lips, eyes and eyebrows, he has also infused them with hyperreal notes. This is instantly apparent in an exaggerated mustache that curls upwards and an enlarged pupil, facets that while not entirely out of the ordinary, are certainly unique to his work.

To get these features across, Ferrari picks out the precise shade of charcoal that he deems to be best suited to his current piece. He has often burned materials found around the home during the process, inclusive of willow branches and towels.