The 'Uberfire' Emergency Fire Starter Dries Kindling in Survival Situations

 - Feb 25, 2016
References: amzn & dudeiwantthat
The market for survival products is only increasing thanks to consumer preferences to be prepared for the worst, which the 'Uberfire' emergency fire starter helps enable. Intended to help users dry their kindling or as a method to start the fire, the 'Uberfire' is designed to not absorb water, which means it'll work even if it becomes waterlogged.

The highly flammable ingredients within the 'Uberfire' allow a single spark to ignite it, which is welcome news to those who have trouble starting a fire. The 'Uberfire' emergency fire starter could also come in handy for camping trips where starting a fire with wet wood can be painstaking.

The 'Uberfire' will burn for about 20 to 30 minutes and is deigned to never evaporate or dry out when in storage.