This Tool Allows First Responders to Communicate Without a Signal

 - Jun 18, 2015
References: hanssaueraward2015 & springwise
While there are a number of existing emergency communication devices available to first responders, 'Reachi' is a unique device that can transmit messages in the absence of a working signal. Unlike smartphones and radios, Reachi is able to operate in situations where phone lines and power lines may be down.

Reachi is small and compact, with a design that resembles a classic walkie-talkie. The device is waterproof and runs on solar-power, making it ideal for natural disasters and other emergency situations. To facilitate communication between users, the device uses unique meshing technology. By operating on a mesh network, Reachi is able to transmit signals in the absence of available phone lines.

Red Cross volunteers are currently testing Reachi throughout the Philippines. With the emergency communication devices on hand, these volunteers have been able to share vital information and coordinating rescue plans.