The Elle Brazil May 2012 Revealing Rocha Photos Spark Debate

The Elle Brazil May 2012 photoshoot features skin-tight apparel worn by international supermodel Coco Rocha. Glistening mermaid-esque dresses leave little to the imagination here, showcasing Rocha's highly revered figure. And while many have envied her slim frame, Rocha has released her dissatisfaction with the spread to the public.

Rocha is as much admired for her good looks as she has been for her strong will in the fashion industry, especially with regards to her nudity policy. She has warned professionals of her strict desire to avoid excessively revealing snapshots, and according to Rocha, this Elle Brazil spread has broken her policy. The use of photoshop enabled the artists to make her appear naked, explicitly going against her wishes. The response to her allegations on behalf of the Elle Brazil publication team will remain to be seen.