The Elin Hansdottir ‘Trace' Project is a Whimsical Spectrum of

 - Oct 26, 2010   Updated: Jul 18 2011
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Get ready for some mind-teasing artworks because this featured Elin Hansdottir 'Trace' project is a whimsical collection of technicolor art.

Featuring a wondrous series of illusive images, the Elin Hansdottir 'Trace' project reflects the constant flux of metamorphosis. An intelligent and brilliant concept, 'Trace' is definitely a collection of art with deep and meaningful reasoning. Check out the image gallery to see these insightful works of art for yourself.

Implications - Elin Hansdottir demonstrates that it's not always necessary to have a paintbrush and canvas these days to create something beautiful and captivating. These technicolor artworks make great use out of modern technology, and find the beauty in something that others fail to see. This collection is stunning in all the right ways.