The Electrolux Slice Remotely Tracks the Progress of Your Steak

 - Sep 14, 2011
References: & yankodesign
Cooking meat to the perfect temperature could become easier than ever with the Electrolux Slice concept. Slice is a high-tech device designed to help you keep track of your meat from a distance.

Slice comes in two parts, a docking/control station and a transmitter/temper. The control station is used to input the type of meat you are cooking and the temperature you would like it cooked to. The control station is touch-activated and also features a recipe list in case you need some emergency inspiration.

Once you have put your settings into the control station, you can remove the temper and stick it into your meat. The temper will go from red to green when your meat has reached the desired temperature. Slice has been specially designed with an alternative mode for steak that lets you know when the meat has gone from rare to medium-rare to well done. You can check out conceptual images of the Electrolux Slice concept here.