The 'Enlighten' Electrical Outlet Warns of Phantom Power Loss

 - Nov 27, 2016
References: yankodesign
Keeping cables and devices plugged in when they aren't in use allows for phantom power to be consumed, so the 'Enlighten' electrical outlet is designed to help curb this occurrence. The 'Enlighten' outlet works by monitoring for power consumption below 4W and will illuminate brightly to let users know that the device(s) plugged in is draining power even though it isn't being used.

The 'Enlighten' electrical outlet helps to identify an important topic when it comes to power consumption related to our modern lifestyles that are filled with various devices and entertainment consoles. If brought to market, the 'Enlighten' outlet could help to curb the occurrence of electricity literally being used for no purpose at all.

The 'Enlighten' outlet is the design work of Candice Daley, Adrian Stovell, Sam Singer, Joshua Bell and Greg Visagie.