These Toys Bring Attention to Those Most Affected by First World Technology

 - Mar 27, 2015
First World technology is trashing third world children.

Each year, 25 million tons of "recycled" electronic waste is shipped off to Third World countries like India, China and Western Africa. These toxic landfills poison child laborers who are forced to sift through the waste, poisoning themselves as they scrounge for valuable parts.

Once the landfill is stripped of valuables, it's burned to the ground, poisoning the entire village with various forms brain and lung cancers.

Kathryn Kvas and Vignesh Seshadri from the Miami Ad School up-cycled e-waste, making children's toys (a bear, a doll and a toy plane) to make a statement in the first world. The toys will be sold to bring attention to the children who are most affected by our first world technology.