The Elderflower Old Fashioned Subs Traditional Sugar Cube with Floral Liqueur

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: saveur
The Elderflower Old Fashioned boasts a great twist on a classic drink. A great option for the spring and summer season, traditional sugar cubes are replaced by the floral liqueur. Easy to make, that's the only major substitution when it comes to this alcoholic beverage. With bourbon, a splash of St. Germain and a couple dashes Angostura bitters, it's refreshing delicious.

With a simple theme in mind, the Elderflower Old Fashioned shows that anything can be given a bit of a fun reiteration that will get people in the mood for something particular. In this case, that involves the change of season and, thankfully, warmer weather and bright sunshine. This particular old favorite is also given a bit of a feminine revamp, which is only natural when thinking about this particular season.