The El Raval Performing Arts Center Will Bring New Life into a Neighborhood

 - Sep 4, 2012
References: atztudio & suckerpunchdaily
The creative team at ATztudio of Mexico has taken inspiration from a thoughtful place in their design for the El Raval Performing Arts Center. Red-blooded and passionate people would be the occupants of this edifice and so the life-sustaining vascular system of the human body was reinterpreted into its architecture.

The project would house an enormous theater within a dense and nearly nest-like fibrous framework. The structure and its unusual cladding work to anatomically reference the veins and the arteries beneath one's skin. They are accented appropriately in a brilliant red color.

Gaps within the elaborate dermis of the El Raval Performing Arts Center invite natural light to filter inside. This notion of absorption further channels this corporeal influence but speaks more broadly to bringing together a volatile district of Barcelona.