El Caregoon de Quercia by Cadorin Boasts an Organically Chic Base

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: cadoringroup.it & trendir
Investing in a piece of furniture that is at once organic and chic can often be quite the task, but not so when it comes to the El Caregoon de Quercia sofa. Boasting a beautiful bohemian quality, this particular couch is extremely refreshing in only the most stylish of ways. Its defining feature is a large base made out of raw oak wood.

A collaborative effort between Cadorin, a master flooring company, and Gobo Salotti, who designed the upholstery, the El Caregoon de Quercia sofa would transform any living space instantly. It is part of Cadorin's Toc de Toe collection, which means 'pieces of tables.'. Shaped entirely by time and nature, the wood material transcends the design to another level entirely. It even incorporates a side table.