The Egg Minder Keeps Track of the Number of Shells and the Freshness

 - Nov 1, 2013
References: quirky
Eggs are a staple food in the diets of many, and often items present on every single shopping list. The Egg Minder has been designed for those who take these edibles seriously and want to keep informed about their freshness and supply.

Rafael I. Hwang invented this clever hi-tech system and handed it over to Quirky to put it into production. The product consists of an electronic egg carton that accommodates a generous 14 shells; it incorporates sensors and LED lights to keep track of each egg cup. An indicator illuminates when one has been sitting long enough to be close to expiration, urging you to cook with it next. You can even access the Egg Minder with a smartphone app to see how full your tray is in your fridge.