The Egg Carving Artworks by Pu Derong Will Please Any Egg Lover

 - Jun 30, 2013
References: odditycentral
The eggs carved artworks by Pu Derong are greatly detailed pieces of miniature art.

If you're familiar with egg carving, you'll know that most egg carved artworks most rely on high-powered electrical equipment and disregard the inner contents of the egg. Derong utilizes the entire egg for his detailed egg carved artworks. He uses a small knife to carve several designs onto eggs, which then gives the artwork a 3D look to it. Since he uses the entire egg, Derong must keep his hands very steady otherwise the piece goes to waste.

The intricately designed egg carved artwork will is one-way people can use eggs. Wouldn't it be great if every morning when you grab an egg from the fridge you were greeted by beautifully designed egg?