FreezThat! by THAT! Inventions Freezes Liquids in 10 Minutes

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: kickstarter & contemporist
Everyone's been to that party -- or hosted that party -- where the ice disappeared a lot sooner than expected; but now people can rely on an impressively efficient ice cube tray to save the day. Of course, it depends on just how big the party is. But this tray is capable of freezing liquids in just 10 minutes.

Designed by THAT! Inventions, the efficient ice cube tray is dubbed FreezThat! Made out of a flexible, silicone body, it boasts a unique shape that was carefully derived in order to make the seemingly impossible possible. Currently finding funding on Kickstarter, it essentially freezes smaller triangular cubes. People can freeze more than just water as well, but also chocolate, blended fruit and even coffee for the caffeine-addicted.