If You Can't Save the Planet Buy It

 - Jun 12, 2007
References: news.yahoo
If you're a rich tree hugger and your money is burning a hole in hole in your pocket, why not buy an environmentally sensitive chunk of South America to protect. EcoGringo to the rescue, saving the planet one jungle subdivision at a time.

On the upside, you're saving sensitive land from developers and injecting dollars into cash strapped governments that will wisely spend it.?!

On the downside, you're a foreigner and a gringo American no less, buying sensitive lands that have always been public, and by all rights should always remain public, for undisclosed amounts of cash payments to government bureaucrats.

But hey, when Eco friendly celebs like Sly Stallone, Ted Turner and Italian fashion designer Luciano Benetton are buying up your land you would think the natives would learn a lesson from Hawaii and just hand out leis, though a luau and pray that a reality show takes hold.