EcoFeed Fertilizing System Concocts a Health-Giving Drink for the Garden

 - Oct 14, 2012
References: futuregreendreams & yankodesign
The EcoFeed Fertilizing System offers avid gardeners the opportunity to give their yards more than a sprinkling of straight H2O. Given the ideal soil conditions, flowers and vegetables will thrive off of adequately nutrient and mineral-rich beds; however, better growth results can be achieved with a boost from your composter.

This receptacle holds about 8 kilograms of organic scraps in a filter basket, or tea bag. You fill the canister up with water and let the mixture steep for 24 hours while an air pump aerates the brew. Once this step is completed and the sieve has drip-dried, the resultant compost tea can be sprayed over your outdoor plants. It would be easy to attach a hose to Phil Callaghan's EcoFeed Fertilizing System to facilitate a much more beneficial garden shower.