These Flexible Foams From Bloom are Derived From Sustainably Sourced Algae Biomass

 - Aug 28, 2015
References: bloomfoam & psfk
If you practice yoga and also care deeply for the environment, you might want to check out this eco yoga mat. Derived from algae, the 'flexible foams' from Bloom are a sustainable choice.

Algae is the fastest growing plant and absorbs pollution to grow, which results in cleaner water. This makes it the perfect material to use when creating sustainable products.

The eco yoga mat is made from algae biomass, which not only helps the environment, but also reduces dependency on non-renewable energy sources like oil. The foams come in a variety of colors, including argon purple, seaweed green and obsidian black.

In addition to yoga mats, Bloom makes footwear, surf traction products, bath toys, luggage and packaging materials. The brand Bloom is the lovechild of clean tech company ALGIX and environmentally conscious development firm Effekt.