The Eco-Friendly Rocking Chair by Novague Features a Steam Engine Mechanism

 - Oct 14, 2011
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Typically, a rocking chair moves by a person's force of movement as he or she "rocks" on the chair. However, this eco-friendly rocking chair, a design by the Prague-based design studio Novague, is actually self-powered, meaning you can just sit back and actually relax as the chair does all the work!

Recently presented at Vienna Design Week, this chair is designed to connect "the act of relaxing to the process of producing energy." Indeed, a kinetic mechanism akin to a steam engine can be found underneath the seat. This mechanism works with a sliding lever that pulls a flywheel disc while the chair rocks, describes Evolo. The chair can also supply enough energy to power an LED lamp or charge your iPod.

If you're excited -- and I bet you are -- this eco-friendly rocking chair is set to be produced for sale by December of this year.