Maison d'Envie Offers Discounts to Johns who Show up on Bikes

 - Oct 20, 2009
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It seems that even those in the sex industry are trying to make the world a better place. A brothel in Berlin named Maison d’Envie (House of Desire) is offering a special discount to visitors who show up on bicycles or public transportation rather than in cars.

It turns out that Maison d’Envie has been stung by the recession bug and are using this interesting discount to attract business.

"The environment is a topic on everyone’s lips and it’s pretty difficult to park around here. So we came up with the idea of an ‘eco discount’ of five euros to anyone who leaves the car at home," says Regina Goetz, a former prostitute who now runs the Maison d’Envie.

It seems with the ‘eco discount,’ everyone is a winner.