The Eater's Bench by Lucy.D is Adaptable to the Sitter's Prefered Posture

 - Nov 11, 2011
References: lucyd
There are a plethora of different types of chairs because there are just as many potential postures one can hold. But because a single household cannot contain a complete range of seating to suit every possible position, pieces like the Eater's Bench by Lucy.D are ideal for accommodating at least a pair of reposing poses. The contemporary couch was commissioned by Kohlmaier based on the concept that it could be convertible.

The bulk of the sofa is firm and fixed, comprising a cushioned backrest and seat with a curved lower lip. The plushy sitting surface rests upon a stiff frame of four metal legs, making the two-seater into a chair-chesterfield hybrid. It's the foldable neck rest that gives the Eater's Bench by Lucy.D its flexibility, providing support for the upper or lower back depending on its arrangement which respectively suits a relaxed recline or a propped up comportment.