This Easy-Transfer Flash Drive Does Not Require a Computer to Connect

 - Jan 9, 2015
References: yankodesign
The designers of this easy-transfer flash drive believe that there's often a time to leave computers out of the equation. When people wish to copy data from one USB stick to another, they always need a laptop or desktop available to do so. Called the Share Box, this concept would enable the two portable hard drives to make transfers between themselves, minimizing necessary equipment, steps and time.

Yulim Choi and Eunsoo Kim have designed a 2.5cm cubed data storage device with a USB drive and port on opposite sides. This feature enables you to connect a series of the gadgets together for efficient file sharing. Plug at least a pair of these easy-transfer flash drives into each other; a simple swipe of your finger along the sensored surfaces will initiate an instant copy.