The ‘Arduino Robotic Arm’ is Realistically Simulates Arm M

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: psfk
At only 17, inventor Easton LaChappelle has impressively created a completely wireless mechanical arm to help those with prosthetic limbs.

A recreation of an entire arm (from the hand to the shoulder blade), the Easton LaChappelle’s ‘Arduino Robotic Arm’ is amazingly mind-blowing. The ‘Arduino Robotic Arm’ is real in weight, shape and structure and connects to a brainwave headset that senses facial expressions and sensors on the user’s foot to know when and how to move, just like a real arm. Tapping into things like when the user blinks, how hard they focus and when they move their foot, the ‘Arduino Robotic Arm’ can figure out how to realistically move in accordance to the rest of the user’s body.

While some of the science behind Easton LaChappelle’s ‘Arduino Robotic Arm’ is too technical for me to fully understand, one thing is certain: the ‘Arduino Robotic Arm’ is going to revolutionize prosthesis for the better.