SmartDiaphragm Uses Bluetooth and Cervix Movements to Spot Early Births

 - Aug 3, 2016
References: smartdiaphragm & fastcoexist
The SmartDiaphragm is a specially engineered health device designed for expecting mothers that provides a wireless gadget that sits inside the diaphragm and is able to detect early births through the movement of the cervix. The detection is relayed to the wearer through Bluetooth technology, allowing them to seek the medical attention needed to avoid miscarriage or unexpected complications due to premature births.

The gadget isn't placed inside the wearer's body, but rather able to scan the body and spot when small changes in the cervix happen using sensors. These changes are indications of an early childbirth, and so the SmartDiaphragm relays that information wirelessly for the necessary action to be taken. This can help doctors save lives of both mothers and children as well as decrease complications.