The Ladobi Earbud by LovePalz Offers a 6-way 360 Sound Experience

 - May 22, 2014
References: lovepalz & lovepalz
The 'ladobi' earbud by LovePalz sets it apart from other earphone designs by offering an innovative, comfortable shape that delivers the kind of immersive 360 sound that you'd normally only get from setting up multiple speakers. The patented design enables six-way sounds to travel in a way that technology has previously been unable to offer in the form of a pair of earbuds.

Despite all the revolutionary tech inside the ladobi earbuds, the earphones look fairly ordinary, but promise to be less of a pain in the ear, taking off pressure with its medical-grade silicone ear-cushions.

Since ladobi comes from LovePalz, which also carries hi-tech adult toys to help sustain the romance part of long distance relationships, the earbuds could definitely enhance the sounds of video chats between couple connecting remotely.