From Wireless Wooden Chargers to Vintage Radio Phone Docks

 - Aug 14, 2014
While the concept of wooden technology calls to mind the designs of years past, we're seeing a spike in the number of products that utilize the natural material for casing and beyond. The eco movement is stronger than ever with consumers craving a greener lifestyle, which is subsequently correlated to the arboreal world; enter wooden technology products and we have a winner.

Technology in general has the stigma of being rather sterile in design; a focus on stainless steel, glass and plastic leaves the products often feeling cold in-hand. As such the implementation of wood in technology is helping to make the products look both more approachable and not as scarily futuristic. Think about it: wouldn't a bamboo phone be both more comfortable to hold and appealing aesthetically? Perhaps it'll make you change your mind about wooden technology.