The Raven Ear-Wing Ear Wrap Covers Your Ear with a Wing of a Black Bird

 - Sep 4, 2015
References: thinkgeek & thinkgeek
Earring designs that cleverly cover the entire surface of the ear with a design offer a much more striking aesthetic as seen with these Raven Ear-Wing Ear Wraps. These earring cuffs make it look as though the wearer's ear is enveloped in a black raven's widespread wrings.

These earrings have a slightly dark and mysterious air making them perfect for those looking to add an occult touch to their wardrobe. The base of the earring connects at the earlobe with a standard backing that is attached to the raven's large wing. The earring then travels upwards towards the cartilage while securing the second wing onto the back of the ear creating a cuff. The earring is malleable allowing the wearer to mold it to their ear for a personalized fit.