‘100 Abandoned Houses Project' by Kevin Bauman

 - Apr 17, 2009
References: 100abandonedhouses & bloomacious
Artist Kevin Bauman has been photographing houses that sit vacant and/or in disrepair to form a collection entitled ‘The 100 Abandoned Houses Project.’

This really is quite an appalling trend when you consider how many people across the U.S. are homeless.

In the process of collecting these images, Bauman found people who were attempting to make a life among abandoned and burned out houses. He also encountered neighborhoods which were almost completely abandoned, occupied with packs of wild dogs, 20-foot piles of toilets, and houses with the facades torn off, filled with garbage.

Most disturbing is the fact that all of these houses are located in Detroit, which begs the question: How many more houses stand empty and neglected in other areas?