Get Buff at the Gym

 - Mar 23, 2007
Fitworld, a Dutch gym has launched “Naked Sunday.” Media were invited to attend the first session in Heteren, a town 60 miles east of Amsterdam.

Those in attendance were males in their middle ages and up as well as a hoard of journalists who watched them workout in the nude. From lifting weights to using aerobic machines like stationary bikes, the men worked up a sweat. They did participate in group fitness classes however, and staff were clothed in aprons with images of nude bodies on them.

What about hygiene considerations? Nudists had to cover machines with towels or disposable seat covers and asked to use a disinfectant on the equipment after use.

The intention of a nude workout is to allow people to feel free and relaxed. Having photographers, TV crews and journalists present likely didn't hindered the experience of freedom they were looking for.

Eight women had signed up for the event, but none of them showed up for the event. Nudity is a natural part of European culture, from an abundance of nude beaches to naked images on TV.