This Dog Doppelgänger Dust Pan Design Includes a Pretty Puzzling Piece

 - Jun 10, 2014
References: fancy
Sure, you could go and buy yourself a cheap-looking, basic dust pan, but why do that when you can have one that looks like a puzzle piece? With its sleek design, this little broom is sure to sweep away the competition. Alternatively, the Pico Bello Crumb Sweeper resembles a perky puppy.

If crumbs and small messes are driving you barking mad, this optical illusion-creating dust pan will make your home cleaner and you feel better about it. The black plastic cleaning device results in a better looking house while looking good itself. Whether you are dealing with minor snack spills, pet hair or other jobs that just aren't ready for a vacuum or bigger broom, this product will come in especially handy.