The Duramarker Includes its Cover to Prevent the Nib From Drying Up

 - Dec 3, 2013
Many will be familiar with the untimely drying out of a marker due to the loss of its lid. The Duramarker is an adaptation of the conventional casing that works to incorporate the nib's cover as part of it. This makes it impossible for you to misplace it, and the writing utensil should remain moist and inky, so long as you remember to close it properly.

Hong Joonhyuk, Kang Jungmin, Woo Siwon, Jang Jusang and Son Yoon conceived interlocking U-shaped components that can be slid together and apart with ease. When they're apart, the tip of the scribbler is enclosed and complete with a small silicone film to cover the tiny hole. Just retract this section to use the Duramarker.