Duncan Quinn Suit Campaign Depicts Strangled Woman

 - Dec 31, 2008
References: nymag
This violent and sexist Duncan Quinn suit advertisement depicting a strangled and bloody half-naked woman lying on a car has been deemed by NY Mag as, "The most disturbing ad found in December 2008 fashion magazines." I couldn’t agree more. 

The Duncan Quinn ad shows a smug looking man smirking and standing by a car while he holds a necktie around the dead body of a woman who is bleeding from the head, and wearing a bra and panties. 

While accusations of some advertisements are arguably sexist and violent, in part due to cultural differences, this one isn’t. The male actor featured in Quinn’s ad killed a woman and obviously enjoyed it; he represents a dominate male figure who is superior to women.

How, exactly, Duncan Quinn’s disgustingly violent, shocking and sexist ad showing a murdered woman on a car has anything to do with selling suits completely escapes me. 

I find this advertisement so appalling that if Quinn’s suits were being given away, I wouldn’t accept them.