Ducati Moto GP Racing Project Brings Racing Tech to the Masses

 - Jun 14, 2009
References: motorapidoracing
Developed from the Ducati Moto GP Racing project, technological innovations conceived for the track are now available as standard on production vehicles.

Totally integrated with the bike, with no switches or buttons to sully its clean minimalist lines, the digital instrumentation is instead controlled by a left handlebar mounted switch that allows the rider to scroll up and down through a range of menus, covering information such as rpm, speed, lap times, air and coolant temperatures and battery/voltage. There are also warning lights to highlight rev limit, low oil plus a range of other key metrics.

Displayed via the digital instrumentation is Ducati’s first ever true competition level traction control to be standard in a production bike. The system offers eight different profiles, each programmed with a further eight degrees of traction and interaction. All these offer comfort and challenge for a host of different levels of riding experience.

When the profile and riding conditions have been selected, the high speed software monitors front and back wheel traction and orchestrates the fuel injection and engine performance to provide the best possible safety conditions.

The Ducati Data Analyzer comes complete with PC compatible software, data collection USB card and instructions for use.

It allows the analysis of the performance of the bike and its rider, pulling raw data from the traction control and digital instrumentation.

At the end of the ride, up to 4MB of data may be downloaded onto a PC, giving the rider a second-by-second insight into their exhilarating high-speed race.