Drunk Texts from Famous Authors is Hilarious

Do not worry, most people have sent an ill-advised text message while intoxicated -- why not get over it by laughing about these fabricated Drunk Texts from Famous Authors? These hilarious SMSs were imagined by artist Jessie Gaynor, capitalizing on the drunk texting phenomenon for the literary magazine The Paris Review.

Gaynor creates inappropriate messages from the renowned authors Sappho, Gertrude Stein, John Cheever, William Wordsworth, Paul Celan, Emily Dickinson, Dan Brown and Philip Roth. From trying to get rides home to "booty calls," Gaynor is able to capture the literary style of these partying writers, as well as their inebriated states.

These entertaining messages make modern-day short forms and colloquialisms of text messaging seem so much trashier.