Shocking Anti-Meth Campaign

 - Sep 16, 2008
Inspired by the Faces of Meth campaign, this anti-drug video really hits a chord. Honestly, it almost made me cry.

I would query the comedy category, but by being simple and just using images, this really brings the message home hard. Photographs can’t lie and drugs do kill both you and your looks.

Sad thing is, I guess by the time people get to the state they’re in in the "after meth" photos, the users don’t care about themselves anymore anyway.

This video campaign shows what "freak or unique" ideas some YouTube users have based on the comments they post. Losers. Surely if it stops one more person from taking crystal meth, then it was worth it, right? People do the same thing on some films I produced, arguing how the trick is done and they are always wrong.