Think of Loved Ones in Your Sleep with Dreamy Pillowcases

 - Nov 18, 2011
References: ofarbonmade & designyoutrust
The next time your significant other accuses you of never thinking about him/her, prove them wrong with Sensitive Boyfriend's Dreamy Pillowcases.

In a world where 'his and hers' gifts are commonplace, the Dreamy Pillowcases are probably one of the most adorable sets on the market. One cover comes with the bubbled line while the other has the actual thought bubble connecting with the first one. Basically, the whole idea is to have one person laying in the thought bubble so that it looks like the other is dreaming about him/her while asleep.

Valentine's Day isn't here for another two months or so, but if an anniversary is coming up, Dreamy Pillowcases would make a great gift.