DrawIt by Marc Exposito Makes the Internet of Things Artistic

 - Jun 15, 2016
References: marcexposito & fastcodesign
DrawIt by Marc Exposito is one way in which the Internet of Things could evolve. A final thesis project in La Salle Campus Barcelona's Seamless Interaction Group, it explores a solution to alleviating the mental load when using such smart and connected devices. Relying on an intuitive approach, this system encourages people to draw in order to control such tech.

The basic premise of DrawIt by Marc Exposito in his own words? "Drawing is a natural way to express ourselves as human beings." Representing IoT devices through simple shapes, when a user draws on top of it, he or she essentially commands it to do something. For instance, by drawing a triangle and then coloring it in, you could turn on an LED light and then shift the mood lighting to purple.