The D-Partner Tidies Dog Droppings So That You Don't Have to Get Dirty

 - May 5, 2014
References: yankodesign
One of the less-than-pleasant duties that comes along with owning a dog is cleaning up after his messes. The D-Partner was dreamed up as a way to make this domestic chore a great deal more dignified for both the person and the puppy. Inspired by the household vacuum cleaner, Li Shi Ming came up with an outdoor design that you simply roll over stones, soil or grass like a lawnmower.

Instead of you having to bend down and collect dog poo by hand, this sophisticated concept appliance could be run over it. Pull the D-Partner out from your backyard shed, turn it on and then tackle several days' worth of feces in one go. The D-Partner even has a detachable hand vacuum to deal with smaller deposits.