This New Line of Organic Potatoes from 'Downey Farms' Uses Simple Branding

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: touchwooddesign & packageinspiration
Downey Farms recently unveiled its latest line of organic potatoes. In order to create a clean, simple and informative package, the brand worked with copier Jim Diorio, photographer James MacDonald and illustrator Shawn Murenbeeld.

The organic line consists of three specific potato types that are differentiated by name and color. All of the potatoes are packaged in clear bags with a white label on the front, which contains the brand's name and style of potato. The yellow potatoes are packaged with yellow highlights and the phrase "buttery and crispy." The russet potatoes use green-colored accents and the phrase "light and smokey." Lastly, the red potatoes boast red-colored accents and the phrase "rich and creamy."

Downey Farms was able to create a cohesive packaging design while ensuring consumers were able to clearly identify and differentiate each style of potato it offers.