Oikos Oh! is Enriched with Dulce de Leche and Artisanal Flavors

'Oikos Oh!' is the name of a new double cream yogurt line from Danone North America that features single-serve packaging, indulgent flavors and premium ingredients. The all-new yogurt products are offered in four varieties—Lemon Sweet Cream Delight, Magnificent Mixed Berry Rhubarb, Salt-Dusted Caramel Crème and Honey Drizzled Blueberry—each of which features a generous dulce de leche flavor and fruit on the bottom.

The decadent yogurt products are first set to appear in major grocery store locations around the holiday season in the form of single-serve cups and packs of cour, with nationwide expansions planned for the new year.

The new Oikos Oh! double cream yogurts have the potential to appeal to consumers who are seeking out small-format permissible indulgences, as well as artisanally inspired flavors with a focus on fruit.