This Simple DIY Tutorial Turns Unused Rugs Into Fruit-Shaped Door Mats

 - Jun 29, 2013
References: thehousethatlarsbuilt
A great way to add personality to your home decor, this DIY door mat tutorial shows how to turn an unused rug into a fresh piece of brightly colored fruit. Perfect for indoors or outdoors, these fruit-shaped door mats are a great summertime project.

These fruit door mats are made from a circular rug that's been cut down the middle into two half-moon pieces. Each piece was then turned into a different fruit using a waterproof spray paint design. Create a stencil out of paper to help you lay out the design, and use brightly colored waterproof spay paint to evenly color the rug's bristles. You can customize these door mats to feature any fruit, but circle-sliced fruits work best for this DIY, like watermelons, lemons, oranges and limes. In the end you'll have an adorable fruit door mat that is refreshed and perfect for summer.